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Data Analytics Consulting to Shift from Scattered Data to Informed Decisions

We provide data analytics consulting services for our customers to benefit from integrated solutions that rely on the optimal technology stack, allowing companies to save their costs, improve performance and grow their business.

Drop us a line describing your project or challenge and we’ll advise what consulting services your business can benefit from.


Our Services


Business intelligence consulting

Do you need to build BI from scratch or introduce changes into the existing BI solution? We render BI consulting services to help you nail any of these challenges.

For new implementations and revamps, our consultants:

1 Consolidate the departments’ scattered needs and recommend the BI solution’s design where data from multiple sources and various analytical systems is integrated, secure, accurate and reliable.

2 Create a detailed roadmap that covers all the steps required to launch a BI solution successfully.

3 Design a user adoption strategy and conduct user training to ensure that your employees are well aware of the available features and capabilities and can use the solution with confidence.


Big data consulting

Need to make big data part of your existing analytics solution or design a standalone big data solution from scratch? Our big data consultants won’t let you get lost in the plethora of available architecture options and technologies.

1 We design a high-level architecture of your big data solution based on your business needs and prioritized requirements for the solution-to-be.

2 We clearly describe data sources, data flows and the functions that each architecture component should perform.

3 Our consultants conduct dedicated training sessions to help various target audiences, be it top managers or the technical team, to understand how to get value out of big data. Such training can take the format of workshops with Q&A sessions or instructor-led training.


Data science consulting

Want to strengthen your business with advanced analytics relying on machine learning? Our data science consultants check whether this idea is feasible with the data quantity and quality you have. We also prepare a proof of concept after having tested several machine learning algorithms.

If your business problem should be solved with deep learning, our consultants:

1 Design the architecture of a deep neural network.

2 Select appropriate activation, optimization and loss functions.

3 Train the network to ensure the high accuracy of its predictions.

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