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E-Newsletter Builder Software

The trend of catching your clients attention with e-newsletters has just begun. With just one click you can reach out to clients all over the world..!!!

A newsletter is a form of advertising that is sent periodically. It informs, announces, reminds, advises, instructs, advertises, and communicates about the products & services to clients (prospective & existing). It must be attractive to catch the eye of the clients and make them want to read it all the way to the end. E-Newsletters can be delivered via email or as push notifications on mobile & web browsers.

Create & auto-email newsletters to prospective customers & buyers on a daily, weekly, fortnightly (bi-weekly) or monthly basis, to reach out to your clients & prospective customers for marketing purposes.

Email News Letter Builder includes everything you need to create and send professional HTML emails. This News letter builder is so easy to operate that any person having a normal working knowledge of MS office can operate it and customize it. The tool has many features through which it can be made more attractive, meaningful and can become a mouth piece of your organization.




1 Customizable GUI for Subscriber Accessed Newsletter Website

2 Admin Panel

3 Online 24X7 Technical Support

4 Auto-Generating Issue No. & Date

5 View Archive

6 Easy to Subscribe/ Unsubscribe/ Re-subscribe

7 One Click Bulk Emailing

8 Categorize your email list & send out specific emailers

9 Add as many images as you want

10 Showcase Products, Services, News, Performance & more..

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