Online Ticket System City Palace Udaipur


Eternal Mewar is conceptualized to provide the Heritage, Tradition and Culture of Mewar. The House of Mewar is the oldest serving dynasty in the World.


The customer said that a lot of people to visit the palace every day, they had to face many difficulties, so they wanted to buy tickets online so that they could manage the tickets. The customer said that the software should be such that we can manage the tickets. The administrator should be able to block the ticket, add the ticket type, and have features of active interactive. Manage per day limit of online ticket booking controlled by admin panel. Admin could manage value-added services and daily reports, daily revenue reports, visitor reports, annual report collection reports, VS. reports should also be made.


Our professional’s teams analyzed the challenge and then we have designed & developed web based ticket system software. We created a dynamic panel to manage tickets, so that they can block the ticket, change ticket type, manage per day limit of online ticket, manage the value added services and could also reports be generated.


  • AJAX
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL DB
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